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I was hit in the ole Funny Bone the other day by a question I was asked by a client.

I know over the years we as wholesalers and contractors have been “HIT” with some funny comments about the parts we supply to others. I invite ALL our readers to share your funnest questions and statements with Control Trends. Please do not embarass anyone by using names the idea here is just to share “THE” moment and is all in jest.


Here are a couple of examples that have occured with our staff in the last week.


*Client: “Does Honeywell warranty out of warranty controls?”


*Client:” I need a price on a Honeywell M7284C1000.”

 Sales: “We have that in stock sir and your cost on that item is $XXX.XX.”

Client: “What is the part number on that.”


*Client: “I want the same thing I got the last time….ONLY DIFFERENT ”


*Client: “I want a 3″ pneumatic control valve”

Sales: “Ok sir, what spring range do you need for the actuator?”

Client: “24 volt”


*Client: “I need a Honeywell aquastat”

Sales: Ok sir, do you need a well with that aquastat?”

Client: “No we are on CITY water!”


*Client: “I need a gas regulator!”

Sales: “Ok sir , what is your inlet pressure and outlet pressure?”

Client:” I need 2 pounds on the inlet and 10 pounds on the outlet!”


Let’s hear from you now….I might be able to arrange something for the best one submitted… maybe…. Come on I double DOG DARE ya!







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  1. Very funny stuff Bill. I am probably one of the ones that has called Stromquist with some of these bloopers. I get so focused sometimes I do things like frantically be looking for my truck keys because I am late, only to realize they are in my hand. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who has these moments.

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