Can Your Smart Thermostat Start Your Toaster and Monitor Energy Consumption

Can a thermostat really turn on a toaster and monitor energy consumption? Not that you would want to use your thermostat to start a toaster, but you could. The bigger feature is having a smart thermostat that has the on board capacity to monitor electrical consumption and loads. We have had great success doing just this with a smart thermostat we sell by Entouch.

In this video, our Dozier Mills, shows you how to us the Entouch GN8 with the Entouch Smart Thermostat to monitor electrical loads. This information can then be shared or used to monitor building and equipment energy performance. A very cool and effective way for making your small building or home smarter. Great job Doz!


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  1. The Entouch One Smart Thermostat comes in WIFI or LAN connections.
    The Energy monitor GM8 provides wireless monitoring for a commercial facility. It has a three phase main input rated up to 480VAC and has 8 branch circuits. Supports panels up to 4,000 Amps. I have one in my home electrical panel monitoring my A/C, hot water, refrigerator, washer/dryer and lights. I have an app on my phone that tells me what is happening 24/7.
    If you like to know more about Entouch then post a question

  2. Yeah, I know that there are lots of different kinds of smart thermostats on the market nowadays. I mean your introduction about Entouch is quite interesting to me. Since I have used Honeywell for a long time, I think maybe I need to change something new. Be happy to see your display about the Entouch! Start a toaster, unbelievable, lol. Hope that you can share more about a certain smart thermostat so that I can make a decision to choose a new one. Anyway, thanks for your sharing.

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