More from Intelligent Buildings’ Tom Shircliff and Rob Murchison

IB2Intelligent Building’s methodology is based on extensive experience working for both real estate owners and solution providers aligns internal and external stakeholders resulting in a strategy customized to the objectives of our clients. Throughout the process we consider the fundamental principles of People, Buildings, and Technology. These services apply to your specific project solution. Tom Shircliff – Intelligent Buildings / Rob Murchison – Intelligent Buildings

Strategy Development: Strategy is the foundation of smart real estate and should be concise and clear with a value proposition that has defined measurement and management criteria.
* Corporate Technology Roadmap
* Industry Research
* Educational Workshops
* Organizational Alignment
* Financial Analysis
* Risk Analysis

Solution Architecture:It’s critical to have industry knowledge of dozens of controls systems types, IT infrastructure and the latest cloud-based analytics providers to develop holistic architecture.
* Solution Architecture
* Building Standards & Specs
* Reference Architecture
* Vendor Recommendations
* Integrated System Design
* Risk Analysis
* Master System Integrator Services

Program Management: Program management bring the strategy and architecture to life and requires both experience in the trenches and the ability to link the executive perspective to the realities of the field.
* Project Management
* Program Technology Advisor
* Strategy & Standard Compliance
* Ongoing Education
* Progress Reporting
* Measurement


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