The Easy way to install a Damper Actuator

Installing actuators onto jackshafts can be a hassle. If the actuator linkage is not exact for the type of equipment you are mounting your damper actuator on to, it is up to the installer to figure out how to make it work.
Belimo USA has come up with an awesome new jackshaft assembly that makes installing a damper actuator a snap.

The Belimo ZG-JSL linkage simplifies typical installations and eliminates the difficulties where jackshaft bearings are hard to access. The Belimo ZG-JSL linkage has a built-in shaft which allows the direct coupling of Belimo actuators. The anti-rotation plate enables the installed actuator to be rotated 90 degrees for space saving applications. Time studies indicate that a damper replacement job that would take a good control technician up to an hour to do can be done in ten minutes. The Belimo ZG-JSL is so easy to use that even an average installer has no problem using it and saving time on installations.

The Belimo ZG-JSL linkage is designed to make the attachment of select Belimo actuators to a damper’s jackshaft much easier. The open ended design allows the linkage to clamp on to any part of a jackshaft measuring from 1/2” to 1.05” in diameter.

The Belimo ZG-JSL linkage transfers actuator torque to the jackshaft in such a way that there is a torque reduction when using the Belimo ZG-JSL linkage with the most actuators.Check with your control specialist at if you are a Stromquist customer or if you are in Georgia or Florida to ensure your application requirements before ordering. Other customers can contact one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America. Order the actuator and linkage assembled at the factory and save on cost with the Belimo ZG-JSLA option.

Remember you get a 5-Year warranty on Belimo ZG-JSL linkage when used with a Belimo installed actuator only. Ordering example for ZG-JSL linkage assembled with AMX24-3 actuator: ZG-JSLA+AMX24-3.


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