Watch Eric Stromquist Install a Nest Thermostat


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  1. We watched the video, and noticed you had a little issue figuring out how to put the screwdriver bit into the screwdriver.

    The Nest display worked but we are wondering if it actually worked. Art suggested contacting a qualified technician next time.

  2. Eric, old AC service trick…Fill in the hole behind the sub-base with some type of filler so the possible heat/cold within the walls does not effect the t’stat.

    Ok, you are settled in your “nest” the next t’stat demo needs to be the “BUG” so you can be snug as a……..

  3. Just fyi, you can install the Nest without the backplate. It actually looks a lot better this way. Of course if your screw holes from the old Tstat will show and you can’t easily patch (such as with wallpaper such as yours Eric, then the backplate might be the best option.

    Also, you were pressing the sensors to work with the controls 🙂 You actually press the whole unit as if it was a giant button, not the area at the bottom.

    Otherwise this was a nice fair video of the install. Much appreciated. I just received and installed my Nest 2nd gen today. Very nice little tstat.

  4. Thanks Keith. I am anything but a “Do it yourself” guy when it comes to mechanical type stuff, so the fact I was able to do it at all is a testament to how easy the Nest is to install.

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