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  1. I have a Honeywell HZ432 Truezone control panel. Zone 3&4 lights are blinking, indicating a short. How do I fix? Are there zone breakers within the system?

  2. I have a HZ432 trueZone Honeywell.
    The control panel indicates the temp going up to 153 pumping heat. Then starts to go down and when it is about 54 I believe should start to go up again, but keeps going 54 to 55 and 55 to 54 for a minute and a msg shows surge override? if I don’t do anything stops, if I press next then it will starts again and goes up pumping heat.
    Seams to me that during the day works most of the time but during the night with a cold weather totally stop and I have to reset again.
    Do you have any idea as what I would have to do?

    Thanks a lot.

  3. I have a HZ432 on a geothermal system (3H 2C)..
    When I pushed the electric heat button on the zone panel the unit turned off.

  4. I have MARS EZ two zone on a conventional heating cooling. And the zoning system will not boot up complete. i push the boot and go thru heat no cool then purge and it stick em-heat?

  5. My honeywell truezone HZ221 is not even lit up at all. My unit was working last week. I turned it off by the thermostats and when I went to them back on yesterday nothing would happen. Nothing would come on

  6. I have a Honeywell HZ 432 true zone . This winter the upstairs heat stays on even when the set temperature is satisfied the upstairs damper seams to be opened when the downstairs zone is calling for heat both zones are open.
    When the heat pump is set for A/C the downstairs is open all the time, so downstairs is always cold with A/C & upstairs is always Hot with the furnace or heat pump.
    Wondering if it’s the control is a damper issue.

  7. I have the Honeywell HZ322. It appears our Air Conditioning System has failed. I’m trying to test the system, but none of the buttons on the front seem to be working. They worked at first, but now they do nothing. The A/C worked when in the Test mode when the buttons worked, but now I can’t get anything on the panel to work. I am using it with a Honeywell FocusPRO 6000 Series programmable Thermostat with battery back up. Do I need to do something with it to restore the HZ322 so it will operate?
    Also, the “Emergency Heat” light is on constantly. The system is being used with a Train Heat Pump.

    Does anyone have some suggestions? The temperature outside has been around 100 degrees. The system is less then a year old. This happen last year and we had to replace the condenser and the Heat Pump. I have the upstairs Zone 2 turned off. Please help. It’s still 100 degrees outside.

  8. Problem with AC unit. I have the honeywell HZ322 controlling 3 zones using the honeywell focuspro th5000 thermostats. Downstairs which is on one’s own doesn’t respond to the thermostat keeps getting hotter and hotter and will not cool. Master bedroom on another zone keeps getting colder and colder with the thermostat turned off. It seems like the damper is staying open in the master bedroom and not opening in the downstairs. My guess its the hz322 but I do not know how to troubleshoot it. Out of the three zones to have a red LED and one is green. I do not have a manual to program or troubleshoot that unit. Please help

  9. I installed a HZ332 TrueZone control board. Both zones are calling for emergency heat, but the board will not send the emergency heat signal to the equipment. Any ideas why. Could I have missed something during setup?

  10. I have the 322 3 zones. the 3rd floor when on cool goes down to 64 or lower when I have the thermostat set for 74. I cant make it stop. Thermostat maybe bad?

  11. I have a Honeywell hv322 3 zones my 3 zone is upstairs blower comes on and runs when set point is 75 room temp will be 70 to 72. I changed thermostat but blower stil runs upstairs on 33rd zone lights on the control board 11st and 2nd zones are green 33rd zone is red any suggestions

  12. I have a Honeywell hz322 3 zones my 3 zone is upstais blower comes on and runs when set point is75 and room temp is 70 to 72. I changed the thermostat but blower still runs upstairs on 3 zone. Lights on the control zone board 1 and 2 zones are green and 3 zone upstairs is red. I can cut the thermostat off on 3 zone and blower stops running on the zone board then the light goes green on zone 3 and cuts off. Any suggestions

  13. Customer has a HZ432 two zone duel fuel w/2 won’t power the furnace on change over, Heat LED is lite no 24 v on W from board. Will work in emerg heat and test mode

  14. I have a Honeywell TrueZoneHZ322. It was working yesterday but is not even lit up this morning. It got down to 19 degrees last night in Austin and the house is still 60 degrees. I turned both thermostates off and then back on and nothing happens.

  15. My HZ322 TrueZone is cooling the downstairs, but not the upstairs. I tripped the circuit breaker, now zone one lights up red. The unit is working outside.

  16. I have three heat zones. Two work perfectly all the time, and the third shuts off for no apparent reason. The red light comes off. I cycle through the control panel but it doesn’t help. The company that sold it to me has thrown up its hands and given up. Anyone have any ideas?

  17. I have HZ311 zone control board and when I turned the thermostat to heat , nothing happened , so I went in the attic nothing moving , I started to wiggle the wire on equipment side and everything came on . The next day same problem no heat . Called text support he told me to install dedicated transformer to the board

  18. This is the second HZ432. It has worked well for four years. For no apparent reason it turns on the blower, and 3 of the four zone lite’s red indicating a heat call but does not light burner. It stays that way until power is shut off for several hours, powers back up and works for several days normally, than returns to this state. As I recall the older unit did the same thing. Zone thermostats are all set to off.

  19. I have a Honeywell heating and cooling pump button pump thermostat Item no#4258810 .The numbers on the right side want stop blinking that’s the set to numbers what can I do to get it working I have no AC in my house

  20. My HZ432 panel has limit 200 in the read out and will not operate . I replaced the discharge air temp sensor but no change. Can the panel be reset?

  21. I have a HZ432 truezone split so I changed the batteries in one of my thermostats and I lost power to my panel any recommendations

  22. We have HZ322 installed in 2014(?) It has a red light on in zone 1 but others are green. The tech that came to check our ac said it was completely out of Freon and recommended we install a new unit (ours was a Trane XL still under warranty) so we did. They left and a tech that came back for a tool that was left noticed the red light on our board. They say we need to replace the board possibly or ? I’m elderly and know nothing about such things but shouldn’t they have found the red light when they were checking the supposedly bad ac unit? We just paid almost $7,000 for an ac unit. Please help.

  23. We have an hz322, the zone 1 and 2 are both green and cool for both zones are green fan light green but upstars is not cooling, downstairs cools fine. Any suggestions on how to get upstairs cooling again.

  24. I have an HZ432. All thermostats (4 zones) are set to 78. However, the room temperatures range from 68 to 70 degrees and cold air keeps blowing strong. Additionally, the dampers seam to have a mind of their own by switching from open to close, close to open along with cool 1, 2, fan and purge.

  25. I have multiple h/w truezone installations, and am having what seems to be a situation where on a 3 zone system, with all zones calling for “fan on”, the system heats all zones when any one zone calls for heat, is this true or should the non-calling zones be shutting during calling zone call for heat? is this actually happening or am i seeing poor zone motor operation – i think the zones are spring loaded open, by default.

  26. My new unit won’t come on. Zoning board has green lights but unit won’t start so I’m getting no heat. Repair technician is coming in 4 days.

    I see an emergency heating button on the zoning board. Can I press that to get heat until service tech arrives? Thanks!

  27. I have a HZ322. The unit runs about every 15 min. Two zones. Zone one runs about every 15 minutes. Zone 2 hardly. When zone one comes on the thermostat stays at 72 and never changes, ever? Why does heat come on and temp never changes?

  28. I have a HZ322 with 2 zones on a 1-stage system.

    After every heat cycle-regardless of active zone, the Zone 2 damper opens and “bleeds” all of the excess heat from the furnace into that space. The thermometer can be set to 68 degrees, but it will get to 85 degrees during the “bleed”.

    How can I stop this from happening?

  29. I have a HZ322 with 2 zones. Sometimes, when zone 1 is solicitated (upstairs), dampers won’t open. This is an intermittent problem, can work fine for 1 weeks and then they don’t open. I have to manually open the temper to let the air flow. Any idea how I can fix this, is this a damper issue or the HZ322 board? Many thanks!

  30. I have a Honeywell Home
    HZ322 PANEL it was working on Friday then all of a sudden it wasn’t both thermostats upstairs and downstairs went blank and no lights were lit up on the control panel either . I flipped the main breaker on Saturday morning and it came back on for 3 days. It’s Tuesday on now nothing again I would prefer not to have to buy a whole new A/C unit ect if I can get someone to troubleshoot it for me. A year ago we found out two of the dampers were stuck so they bypassed them to stay open so I know that 2 are bad but the A/C still worked. The unit outside doesn’t do anything now.


    Sincerely stressed out single mom😔

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