It’s your Call of Duty in the fight against Light Litter! Know your weapons!

The war against Light Litter is on! It’s time you rank-up and choose the best weapons in the fight against Light Litter. Your Call of Duty is to save the planet from over $2 billion a year in wasted energy.  Turn those lights off during the day!

As awareness to Light Litter is growing through Control Trends, Twitter @TheGreenMarine2, and Facebook, we know we must eliminate needless daytime lighting once and for all. Your Call of Duty is to:

  • Find your killer instinct.
  • Discover the enemy of Light Litter.
  • Choose your weapons wisely.
  • Fight Light Litter like you mean it!

Yes, this is the real-life Call of Duty.  Are you ready to join the fight?  Do you know your “map” where the enemy lurks? Well, it’s time to “rank up” and get the best weapons.  Now if you are a Call of Duty video gamer, you know that not every weapon is right for every situation.  That sub-machine gun is best for close quarters and short-range fighting, but you use the assault rifle for medium-range targets and the sniper for long distance shooting.  And the more experience points you earn, the better your weapon selection will be.  Well, game on!  Let’s get ready to kill some Light Litter using these three great straight-stick product solutions:

TORK 2101 – Photo control low-cost solution

The Tork 2101 features a heavy duty, die cast zinc housing that is perfect for consumer use in building perimeter, outdoor sign, and parking lot lighting control. Rated for 120 volts, it has a time delay of up to two minutes to prevent false switching from car headlights. A gasket offers weather protection while working in temperatures ranging from -40 deg F. to 140 deg. F and comes with an easy light level adjustment for control of on/off times. The stem is a 1/2 in. conduit fitting that includes three color-coded 6 in. leads that are compatible with any 16 AWG wiring. The 5-year warranty and CSA certification make this the ideal lighting control for any location that needs consistent, reliable, and secure lighting.

LightMaster LM Series: Medium-cost solution that can connect to a single sensor

The LightMaster’s accuracy and functionality exceeds that of timers and photo controls. It offers true dusk-to-dawn operation, and can achieve additional energy savings by adjusting light levels throughout the day or night. Additionally, the LightMaster offers an affordable solution for daylight harvesting. For large installations, up to 10 units (20 channels) can be connected to a single sensor. The integral light sensitivity adjustment provides a wide range of settings, making these units applicable for control of indoor and outdoor lighting as well as automatic awnings or shades. It features a delay setting to avoid nuisance switching ON and OFF of lighting during intermittent environmental changes like clouds, lightning or headlights.

AstroDial SunTracker™ is the intelligent solution to outdoor lighting.

If you have lighting applications that must turn ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, time controls with AstroDial SunTracker™ are perfect for you. This feature ensures that your applications illuminate at just the right time, and you don’t pay for lighting you don’t need. An additional ON/OFF event can be scheduled to deactivate lights during off-hours. AstroDial SunTracker™ is just what you need for outdoor lighting applications. This feature helps you overcome the challenges nature brings. Because sunrise and sunset times vary every day of the year, ON/OFF settings for outdoor lighting normally require frequent adjustment. Timers with AstroDial SunTracker™ automatically self-adjust to changing light and dark cycles.

Get in the fight! Rid the planet of Light Litter!

It’s your Call of Duty!  Use these three great weapons and get fighting the enemy of Light Litter now.  And whenever you spot lights on during daylight hours, snap a photo and post it on the Green Marine Facebook page or spread the news on Twitter.  Together we can defeat the enemy of Light Litter which is poised to suck dollars and energy away from our planet!  Remember, it is your Call of Duty!

Let’s talk.  What is your “go-to” Light Litter weapon?

Please post your thoughts because we are all fighting this war together.


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