Need to Monitor CO2 in Greenhouses? Here is how to do it!

What is one of the fastest growing industries that needs a lot of controls and control strategies? Well, I will give you a hint: the product is grown in green houses, and the lights, temperature, humidity and CO2 must be spot on. Companies like EASY IO have stepped up to the plate with the control side of the solution. Blue Ridge Technologies can get you dialed in on the lighting, but what about the CO2 monitoring?  Here is what you need to know….

Monitoring CO2 with ACI’s aSENSE-GH is the first step in controlling CO2 levels to species-specific saturation levels in greenhouses. During the day, greenhouse plants use CO2, water, and light energy from the sun and/or supplemental lighting to photosynthesize. Maintaining optimal levels of CO2 increases the speed of photosynthesis and growth while maximizing yields.

Features of the aSENSE-GH

Special Coated PCB
Extra Dust/Water Protection Filter
Membrane Covered Sample Chamber


Built-In Temperature Sensor

Ger ACI at

Selectable Outputs for Temperature and CO2
0-10 VDC
2-10 VDC
0-20 mA
4-20 mA



Click Here to view ACI’s aSENSE-GH Datasheet.
Click Here to view ACI’s Greenhouse Application Flyer.


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