Adding Power Monitoring to a Wireless Thermostat: Installing the Entouch GM1

Stromquist & Company‘s Dozier Mills shows how easy it is to add the Entouch GM1 single power monitor to an Entouch wireless thermostat. You can’t control what you cannot measure, and Entouch makes electrical sub metering easy. By providing the ability to remotely monitor electrical loads and a digital input the Entouch bridges the gap between the wireless thermostat and a DDC control system making it the perfect solution for light commercial buildings. Hey McDonald’s how about an Entouch thermostat to go with that big mac and fries?

Check out the Entouch thermostat and see why Entouch is nominated for the 2012 Controltrends Thermostat of The Year.


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  1. Entouch GM1 can do up to 230 v 1ph
    Installing on my house I have it wired to 115v 1ph. Black to hot and White to neutral
    I can see how much my HVAC cost me each day in KW.

    The GM8 for commercial
    If you need to read 2ph or 3ph then you will need to order the GM8 3ph 480v

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