Honeywell Combustion and Control: Dave Krause on Control Talk

Check out my interview with the very knowledgable Dave Krause from Honeywell Combustion and Control.
Dave has over thirty years of in the field experience. When it comes to burners and boilers and how to control them, troubleshoot them, and make them safer Dave is the man. See what Dave has to say about

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the latest trends in flame safeguard controls and the new products that Honeywell Combustion and Controls has to offer.

Topics include:

Why boiler engineers are moving away from stand alone flame safeguard controls and towards boiler control systems like the Honeywell Delphi.

How customers are saving money with parallel fuel air systems like the Honeywell Control links.

Why using a rebuilt or used flame safeguard control is not only a bad idea but might even get you thrown in jail.

Easy ways to retrofit your control system with the Honeywell Echo and why a using a Honeywell C3 contractor might be your best choice.

These and other topics are covered in this interview with the very interesting Dave Krause.

If you are in Georgia or Florida, Stromquist & Company can help you with all your combustion and Flame Safeguard control needs. If you are in another state, one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America has you covered.



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