Honeywell Prestige 2.0 Programmable thermostat: How to set up Self diagnostics

Following up on my post about the Honeywell REDLINK system I found another really cool feature. You will remember that the Honeywell REDLINK is a wireless technology that allows you to communicate with and control your Honeywell Prestige thermostat over the internet. In this video see how you can set up the Honeywell Prestige thermostat to

monitor and perform self diagonstics based on delta T (temperature difference between the return and discharge air). The system can then provide instructions like call Phil Mutz at Moncrief Air or call Estes Air. The point is the Honeywell thermostat let’s you or your customer know that there is a problem and who to call to fix the problem.

This video shows how easy it is to set up this feature.

For a list of qualified contractors in Georgia or Florida that can install the Honeywell Prestige thermostat contact one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company. If you are located in other parts of the country one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can guide you to a good local HVAC contractor.

Are you a contractor that installs Programmable thermostats then let the Controltrends Community know who you are and what you do in the comments section. Leave a link to your website or your Company Facebook page. Controltrends viewers are all over the world and need to know how to find qualified contractors to install energy savings products like the Honeywell Prestige and REDLINK products.


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