AIC Eagle Bulit Shoots Light Litter: The Sarah Connor Control Chronicles

“Turn off the lights!” While this may be reminiscent of your mother’s nagging, now it’s Mother Nature that is doing the nagging, and the punishment is $2 billion a year in wasted energy resources!  I’m Sarah Connor, and in this issue of The Sarah Connor Control Chronicles I’m really furious that we are still leaving outside lights on during daylight hours.  This planet has become technologically sufficient that Light Litter waste is no longer acceptable.

AIC Eagle Bulit is your Light Litter sniper

So let’s solve this once and for all with the AIC Eagle Bulit (Basic Utility Light Intelligent Transceiver).  Recently, Bryan Pike from AIC Wireless explained in a video interview with RealComm the how the Bulit provides exceptional control and monitoring of outdoor lights, and you can check out that video featured on Control Trends.  Archaic photocell control… move over!  The Bulit provides superior control and monitoring!

More functional than photocell control

This wireless I/O control is designed to replace the conventional photocell control module on lighting fixtures, such as street lights, using Wireless Mesh Sedona® technology.  With options like Solar Power Energy Harvesting, Dimming, and Current Monitoring, the Eagle Bulit is the perfect solution for our energy-hungry planet.  Light Litter has met its match!

The sleek-looking Bulit is installed right on the light fixture, and then through 2.4 GHz IEEE802 and ZigBee compliant wireless connectivity, it can reach up to 1 km with an externally mounted antenna (RPSMA Unity Gain).  Using the all-new iPv6 protocol and 128-bit AES encryption, monitoring lighting has never been easier.  Check out Bryan’s video  to see how the lighting can be monitored and controlled real-time right from a computer.

Imagine all the applications!

Now is the time to start letting your energy-saving brain think of all the applications for the Eagle Bulit! Group street lighting is first on the list, but imagine all the others:

  • Comericial lighting
  • Sports field lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Indoor group lighting
  • Emergency generator control

To control anything, monitoring is the key

You know that I, Sarah Connor, am all about being controlling, and to control anything, you have to be able to monitor it.  Because of the remote ability to monitor everything including wattage, the Eagle Bulit opens a whole new world of remote monitoring:

  • Non-functioning lights can be identified by low wattage
  • Water/flow monitoring applications
  • Critical asset monitoring
  • Remote metering

Low-cost solution saves the plant from Light Litter

Best of all, the AIC Eagle Bulit offers a low-cost wireless control solution.  Light Litter, beware!  With wireless technology like this, we can certainly save the planet from energy inefficiencies.  Join the Green Marines Facebook page where the troops are mobilizing to post photos of Light Litter, and look for opportunities where the AIC Eagle Bulit can be the controlling solution we need!

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7 Responses

  1. I have to agree that is awesome and amazing product! There are many more benefits to the BULIT that are built into the device when it is added to an existing Sedona system on a Niagara AX platform. I would love the opportunity to discuss the possibilities with your readers.

  2. Thanks! Let’s start talking about those benefits! Can you share some applications, Bill?

  3. Sarah, great post! Gentle relentless pressure and awareness will win the day!

    Brian Pike’s Realcomm video is one of the most compelling presentations to date!

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