Light Litter, An Issue with a Destiny: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good: Light Litter is an issue with a destiny! Much progress has been made so far and as Control Trends continues to feature the available solutions that are simple and effective, and Sarah Connor writes so diligently and successfully to increase green awareness (what a great blog on the AIC Eagle Bulit!), and The Green Marines Page on Facebook continues to draw more commentary and support, we have indeed, made much progress!

The Bad: While the solutions appear to be simple and abundant, the immediate economic and green motivators are still missing. It could be because Light Litter doesn’t flood offices, boiler rooms, or drown pets. Light Litter doesn’t stain the outside of a building or ruin the paint jobs of the cars parked in its proximity, so the significant waste of money and energy we throw away everyday continues — pretty much unabated. The assignment of responsibility and cost are elusive! Of course, we all pay as we seek ways to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy consumption.

The Ugly: It is difficult to convert Light Litter into something measurable and ominous, like running water or smoke from a fire. If we could transduce or convert this effect, people would rush to turn it off or extinguish it. But light has this tolerable ethereal effect and does not yet offend our sensibilities — like it should when it’s being wasted.

On a positive note, the Christmas Holiday and Seasonal lighting are energy efficient lighting applications at their finest. A majority of these lights are timer controlled and are regarded and serviced daily. If there’s a single light out on the front yard strand, it is repaired at once! This is the review and action we need up and down our highways, on the exteriors of our commercial buildings, and in every parking lot!


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