Power Metering from Siemens

Siemens recently announced availability of its new MD Power Meter, a submetering device designed to provide real time, accurate electricity metering to enable proper control over energy costs. The meter can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data, as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations.

siemens mdFeatures

• Monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase electrical systems.

• RS-485 serial connection communications interface.

• Uses either BACnet or Modbus protocol and features two digital pulse output ports.

• Mix-and-match Split-Core or Rogowski-style CTs.

• LED indicators ensure correct CT orientation during installation.

• Line-powered: 80 to 600V Phase-Phase Power Supply (Use on 120/240V, 480/277V, 580/355V, or 380/220V services. 50 or 60 Hz.

• Data updates occur every 0.5 seconds.

• UL and CE Mark.

• ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2.


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  1. I can tell you when I was monitoring Ice Plant production for cooling large complexes. We had voltage recording equipment to monitor the power issues. We needed to have real time, accurate electricity metering devices. When power problems happened from lightning storms or falling trees, you need to capture (record) the electrical issue. You need tools like this to diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit. MD Power Meter device like this one will do the job .

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