How to replace a Hot Surface Ignitor : What you need to know about Upgrade Kits

Now is the time of year our contractor friends are replacing heating controls, including hot surface ignitors. Check this video out to see how to take advantage of replacement control options.

The hot surface igniter works like a light bulb filament, except here, we want the heat from the element, not the light. The hot surface igniter is usually made from a material like silicon carbide or nitride and as electricity passes through the igniter, it will glow red hot lighting our furnace.

The hot surface igniter is the most commonly used electronic ignition system used today. They are reliable and inexpensive. They require is a flame sensor to detect the igniter glow and open the main burner valve.

Under normal conditions the igniter should last for 3-5 years. However, it will eventually crack and need to be replaced, which is when our HVAC contractor friends come to distributors like Stromquist & Company to buy replacement Ignitor kits.

The control pros at Stromquist & Company and our affiliates at Controls Group North America can help you with all your Honeywell, White Rogers, and Robert Shaw heating control needs.


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