Stromquist Announces New Phone System

As the New Year approaches we at Stromquist and Company are excited about what this New Year will hold for us and all of you, our readers and clients.

Not wanting to sit back and wait too long Stromquist and Company is announcing that our highly anticipated new telephone system is now on line for the New Year.

The new telephone system became active yesterday December, 29.

This new system now ties all of our sales agents together to be able to offer even better and more efficient sales coverage to our clients. So if you hear new voices over the telephone lines now, rest assure the same excellent service you have grown accustomed to will now be enhanced by the addition of all our staff from Georgia, Florida, and beyond.

If you do experience any problems with the new telephone system please let us know. As with any new system there may be a couple of bugs to work out and we will also rely on your input to make sure your experience with our new telephone system at Stromquist and Company is the industry’s best experience.


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