HVAC Control Technical Tip: The Sunshine State Weather Protector

The idea for this article came across my computer in the form of an e-mail sent to me by a fellow employee of Stromquist and Company with an attached photograph.

I know we all strive in our chosen industry to do things right with as much professionalism as our clients will afford us. I also realize at times even the best of service personnel will make installation mistakes. Some of these mistakes are quite humorous, some are quite expensive to fix, and some of these installations could be quite possibly dangerous.

Since the Control Trends website is duty bound to get, you our readers, the best information on new controls, controls installation, and new trends in the control industry would it not be appropriate to also show how not to install a product?

We at Control Trends will not mention anyone’s name or any company name we do this only as an insight to possible installation mistakes and how to avoid these mistakes.

This first installation is quite humorous to me and I call it “The Sunshine State Weather Protector” The beauty of Florida for me personally is the fact that I can enjoy my two favorite hobbies (photography and motorcycles) almost all year around. The enclosed installation photograph shows off Florida’s beautiful weather showing a beautiful blue sky in the background of an installation of a electronic actuator and a weather proof enclosure…

What a great photograph of a Honeywell MS series electronic actuator and a Honeywell Q5020 series linkage with weather shield. Problem…base of weather shield was left off. The base of the weather shield should be attached to the actuator plate of the linkage and the conduit should be ran through the appropriate holes provided in the weather shield this would also make that channel iron un-necessary in the installation to hold up the weather shield. Proper installation will make this actuator snug as a bug if one of those nasty little hurricanes should pop it’s ugly little head up in Florida….


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