Two Minute Product Review: The Forta Actuator

In this two minute product review check out the Schneider Electric Forta actuator. The Forta was created back in the TAC days, before TAC became part of Schneider Electric. As you can see in the video the Forta is a very flexible and powerful valve actuator. If you have one Forta actuator on your truck, along with some inexpensive valve adaptor kits, you have a replacement actuator for just about any valve body you come across.

Thanks to Bill Allen from Schneider Electric for showing us the Forta Actuator. For more information on the Forta actuator you can contact one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company if you are located in Georgia or Florida. If you are located in another part of the country one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can hook you up with a Forta valve actuator.
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