Do you really need a 300 to 1 turndown control valve ? Find out on Control Talk

When it comes to actuators and control valves it is hard to find anyone better than Belimo. Yes Belimo, the company that introduced the direct coupled actuator and changed the way the controls industry approached damper and valve actuation forever. Our friends at Belimo are up to it again introducing new products that save time, money and offer better control.

Join Belimo’s Kevin Leathers and Mark Harris on Control Talk as they discuss new products including the new Belmo jack shaft adaptor and new the electronic ePIV valve that adds affordability to the proven Belimo PICCV valve technology.
See how the new jackshaft adaptor makes installing a damper actuator a breeze.Time studies indicate that using the Belimo ZG JSL jackshaft adaptor reduces damper actuator install dramatically.

Find out why you are probably wasting your money if you buy a 300 to 1 turndown valve, and why spending an extra few dollars on a control valve instead of a lower cost zone valve on bid day is a smart move.

For more information on Belimo please contact your friends at Stromquist & Company. If you are not in Georgia or Florida or if you are nor a Stromquist & Company customer one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can help you with your Belimo needs.


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