Belimo PICCV And Stromquist & Company a Great Way to Save Money

BELIMO USA provides great products and as a Platinum Belimo stocking distributor STROMQUIST & COMPANY loves the solutions Belimo products allow us to bring to our customers. Our customers love the great Belimo damper and  Belimo valve actuators, and cool money saving products like the Belimo piping packages. One of the really innovative Belimo products that can save major installation dollars and provide on going energy savings long after the installation is the Belimo PICCV ( Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve).

Now that might sound like a mouth full, but what the Belimo PICCV valve is a Belimo differential pressure regulator in series with a Belimo characterized control valve. The regulator in the Belimo PICCV valve controls the amount of flow that passes through the Belimo control valve by the diaphragm that moves according to changes in pressure over the Belimo control valve. Thus the flow remains constant no matter what happens with pressure changes.The pressure regulator absorbs all pressure changes so the differential pressure is held constant over the Belimo control valve thus delivering consistent predicable flow.

So how does the Belimo PICCV save money? Think of savings in two different areas: Reduction of installation costs and reduction of energy used as a function of operational costs. The Belimo PICCV eliminates the need for a separate balancing valve and all the labor involved in installing, commissioning, and routine balancing of the system after installation. The automatic balancing of the Belimo PICCV means you install it and can walk away from it knowing that the Belimo PICCV will provide accurate flow to the equipment in your building. You can also save on the installation because you don’t have to over size your pumps and pipe size because the Belimo PICCV minimize overall flow requirements through the system. The lower the flow the less friction loss through the equipment. The fact that the Belimo PICCV valve controls pressure as well as offering a constant flow means you never have to worry about flooding a coil or not having enough flow to reach the top floors of buildings, this also means because your DELTA T across your coils is consistent your chillers and equipment have to run less. Less equipment run time equals on going energy savings.

To get an idea of just how much money you can save with the Belimo PICCV check out these jobs and what the customers are saying:

Department of Transportation, Eglin Air Force Base, Lincoln Hall Middle School, Shell Point, US Census Bureau, and one near and dear to Stromquist & Company in Atlanta, Peachtree.

As you can see the Belimo PICCV is a proven product and as the Belimo Platinum stocking distributor in Georgia and Florida  Stromquist & Company can handle all your BELIMO and HVAC control needs. If you are not a Stromquist & Company customer or are located in Georgia or Florida one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can help you with your Belimo product needs.


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