Leaking Valve?

We often get calls from customers who have a leaky valve and need help with finding a fix for it or a replacement. In some cases, you can purchase a repacking kit to repack the valve and take care of the leak. Sometimes you’ll need to replace the valve, and depending on the age of the valve/actuator assembly, you may have to replace the entire assembly.

To get started we need part numbers from the valve and the actuator. Based on this information we can determine if a repacking kit is available (and it usually is). It’s up to you if you want to try to repack it and see if that works or just buy a new valve. We can usually get a direct replacement valve or cross it to a new one if yours is old and obsolete. Depending on the age and the replacement options, you may also need a new actuator and linkage to work with the new valve.

So what if you can’t find any part numbers?  It’s not that uncommon, especially on older models, and it takes a little more effort, but it’s still possible to find a solution.  Here’s what we need from you:  the type of valve (globe, ball, etc.), the size of the valve (1 in., 2 in., etc.), if it’s 2-way or 3-way, and if it’s mixing or diverting (if 3-way).  It is also helpful to know the type of actuator on the valve and any information you can find regarding the actuator.  Basically, the more details you can provide, the better we will be able to find what you need.  If you need assistance in determining any of the above information, call Stromquist at 404-794-3440, and we can try to help you over the phone or send someone out (if you’re local) to look at what you have.


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