Save Time and Money with Valve Pipe Package

Belimo’s Pipe Package is a simple way of piping HVAC terminal units to reduce the time, space and cost required to make the connection from the distribution piping in the building to the coil. Belimo created a combination of valves and unions to interface easily and with as few connections as possible. Reduced connections and space allow the pipe package to be installed easier and quicker.  Belimo’s pipe packages include the valve, actuator and all components assembled and tested.  This greatly simplifies the job by eliminating piping connectors, thus saving time and money with less opportunity for error.  The pipe package is designed to have valve isolation, which allows for the removal of the valve without having to drain the entire system.  

A complete line of standard packages from ½” to 1” and custom orders to 2” are available. All pipe packages are shipped as a complete unit in a sturdy see-through bag, and each unit is customized with a label on the actuator indicating the installation location as supplied by the customer to ensure that every pipe package is installed in the correct location.

To see what the piping package looks like check it out on Stromquist TV.

Stromquist can help you with any of your Belimo needs.  If you are located outside the states of Georgia or Florida, we can refer you to one of our affilates at Controls Group North America


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