Introducing the new: Belimo EF Actuator

The newest addition to the Belimo family features ground breaking ‘piggy-back technology’ decreasing everything from insillation, to mounting time. The Belimo EF Actuator is proven to simplify wiring while reducing material costs.

In addition, it is equipped with NEMA 4 protection to allow for quick changes of directional rotation, locking, or manual override. The Belimo EF Actuator easily connects to high torque aplications with a complete line of acessories. The EF is available in basic models offering 24 or 120 VAC and faster run times with MFT models. The MFT versions allow the actuator to be programmed in the field to accomodate various proportional control functions and DC voltage feedback signals. Custom models are available as well in appliance or plenum cables in various lengths. MFT model come with several different proportional control functions and DC feedback signals that can be programmed in the factory or the field. If you would like more information on this product and you are located in Georgia or Florida, please contact Stromquist and Company. If you are located in another state, go to the CGNA website to contact your closest representative.


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