Maxon’s RadMax Burners

Maxon’s RadMax™ Burners are designed to deliver uniform, high intensity radiant eredmaxnergy for moisture removal in textile and paper ovens, paint drying, and powder coating, as well as many pre-heat, plastic forming, heat treating and annealing operations.

Benefits of RadMax™ Burners

  • can economically increase production rates
  • reduce seconds and defects caused by improper or uneven heating or drying
  • reduce down time and maintenance costs when the need for service or repair arises
  • Durable, industrial-quality cast iron body construction with stainless steel tile retainers


• Direct spark/flame sensing port for simple, reliable ignition and flame detection

• Easy tile replacement — spring clip assembly requires no tools for removal

• Radiant face temperatures from 1050°F to 1650°F deliver uniform heat for a variety of processes

• Rapid heat up and cool down eliminates the need to rotate burner heads away from product

• Low profile design operates in horizontal or vertical applications to accommodate limited space applications

• No wire screens required to stabilize combustion on the burner face

• Low manifold pressures for normal operation: 4.5″ – 5″ wc nominal (11.2 – 12.5 mbar)

• Manifolds can be arranged to allow for multi-width/multi-length operation of burner sections

• Retrofit Maxon P/S Radiant II applications by installing RadMax™ on existing manifolds

• Can be used in ovens/chambers up to 500°F (260°C).


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