Boilers: In A Perfect World

Over my 35 plus years working in this industry and with boilers specifically I have been in many boiler rooms throughout the South. Most of these boiler rooms, although usually hot and humid in the South, have been comfortable enough and safe to walk into. No, I do not lead a sheltered life and only go in “Perfect World” boiler rooms. I have been in boiler rooms you possibly could eat off the floors in and have been in some of the dirtiest ones that you can think off.

The reason for this article is for YOUR safety. The enclosed photographs were sent to me today 4/17/2012 from a boiler service client that was asked to come to this boiler room because of erratic boiler behavior. To me, the photographs looked like stills from a Hollywood horror movie. You be the judge:











Fresh Air Make up/Rooftop venting


FSG Control notice the corrosion on the sub-base

This is the bottom of the boiler Condensate tank



























Boiler Blowdown is directly to the floor with the full sized bucket to reduce the splash back and the half bucket to “protect” the condensate pump electricals.





















This is the McDonnell & Miller 150 low water cutoff









The story behind this “horror” is that this boiler is a 30 hp 150 psi steam boiler or ticking time bomb however you might want to look at it. This “boiler” has never failed state “inspection” and that is what makes this a sad story.

I am not too much into jumping onto bandwagons but I have too many clients and friends in the boiler trade that should not be subjected to this kind of danger when they go out on a job site. Get active in your state’s boiler inspection laws and become a driving force to have owners clean up this sort of hazzad for YOUR SAFETY.


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