Ok Hollywood step down, Stromquist and Company is going to show you what real Transformers are all about!

Our transformers are for real life uses. Even though we do not have any transformers that will change your control systems into a battle tanks we can use our transformers to battle your voltage problems in control systems.

I was going to tell you how a transformer works but alas telling you that a transformer is a static electrical device which transforms energy from one alternating current source to one or more circuits-at the same frequency seems ok with me. If you need more information on how the transformer works there are plenty 50 plus page essays on this topic on the web and if you want to e-mail me about this I will be happy to point you in the right direction. Suffice to say brilliant scientists over the years have made it easy for us to plug in the primary side and get what we want from the secondary side of the transformer.

Dongan Transformers provide our industry with a multitude of different transformers.

Ignition Transformers: oil and gas ignition transformers with 120 and 240 volt primary voltages to a 6,000-15,000 volt secondary.

Industrial Control Transformer:  The use of an industrial control transformer is absolutely essential for the safe and reliable operation of control devices. Solenoids, contactors, and timers place heavy demands on transformers powering them. These heavy demands usually take place during start-up and energizing of control sequences. This results in very high inrush currents flowing through the transformer during start-up phases of control operation.

Honeywell offers transformers in the commercial ignition and general purpose type some with and without circuit breakers, multi-tap, multi-voltage, foot mount, plate mount and vA ratings to 75 vA.







Functional Devices (RIB Relays) offers transformers of the commercial type with circuit breakers, fused, hub mount, foot mount, plate mount, multi-tap, mulit-voltages, and vA ratings up to 375 vA.




So, if your transformer does not have to turn into a jet plane that talks, talk with Stromquist and Company about your transformer needs. Call us at 1-800-638-7828 in Orlando or 1-800-241-9471 in Atlanta.


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