Testo 327 Combustion Analyzer: $200 Rebate !!

Of all the combustion analyzers we handle, which include great combustion analyzers by Bacharach and UEI, I love the Testo Products. Testo Instruments is a world leader in combustion and HVAC measurement equipment. The design of all the Testo products is well thought out and engineered;  Testo’s quality is unsurpassed. Check out this video by Value Testers Jim Bergnann to get an idea of what I am talking about.

As you can see the Testo 327 combustion analyzer has a lot of great features that an HVAC technician needs when working with combustion equipment. But is it the right tool for you?It depends on what type of service work you do. If you are primarily a light commercial or residential type of contractor, your primary concern is combustion efficiency, and you are only concerned with O2 settings then the Test 327 is a perfect fit. If you work on boilers or burners and you need to measure and record not just combustion efficiency but also need to measure O2, CO, and  NO (Nox) then you want to look at the Testo 330.

The great news is that Testo is offering a $200 rebate on both the Testo 327 and the Testo 330 through December 15,2010. As  an added bonus Stromquist & Company is offering an additional 10% off for our customers if they order either the Testo 327 or the Testo 330 on line at

Whatever your combustion analyzer needs,  Stromquist and Company will have a combustion analyzer for you. If you are in Georgia or Florida or if you are a Stromquist customer you can contact your Stromquist factory trained professional for more information. Others can contact one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America.


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