Testo 330-2 Combustion Analyzer: $200 Rebate !

 So you might be asking why are we doing three different posts on Testo Combustion Analyzers ? The main reason is that we have three different videos on the Testo Combustion Analyzers, and I did not want to put them all in one post. The first video focuses on combustion testing, the second video on the Testo 327 combustion analyzer, and this post highlights the Testo 330 combustion analyzer.

As you can see the Testo 327 and Testo 330 are very similar, with the main difference being

whether or not you need to test for CO and NO ( Nox). Unless they work on only residential type heaters, our customers invest the extra money and purchase the Testo 330. The Testo 330 is rugged and durable enough to withstand the day to day wear and tear of tuning boilers and burners,  the sensor (s) last longer than any others that we are aware of, and replacement of these sensors is very easy.

Testo is offering a fantastic fall promotion on the Testo 327 and Testo 330 analyzer kits.  Between now and December 15, 2010 you can get a $200 rebateon the following Testo combustion analyzer kits:

PN:400563 3271:           Testo 327-1 Kit 1 combustion analyzer, probe, power supply, and spare filters


PN 0563 3203 72:          Testo 327-1 Kit 2 combustion analyzer plus carrying case      

PN 0563 3203 71:          Testo 327-1 Kit 3 combustion analyzer plus case, IR printer and spare paper      

PN 400563 3274:           Testo 327-1 Kit 4 combustion analyzer plus case, IR printer, spare paper and smoke tester

PN 0563 3371 70:          Testo 330-1Kit 1 combustion analyzer (graphic display), probe, spare filters,  power pack and carrying case

PN 0563 3371 75           Testo 330-1 Kit 2 combustion analyzers (graphic display) plus printer and carrying case

PN 400563 3303            Testo 330-1 Kit 3 combustion analyzer (graphic display) plus smoke pump, printer and carrying case

PN 400563 3304            Testo 330-1 Kit 4 Combustion Analyzer (graphic display) plus NOx upgrade module, printer and carrying case

PN 400563 3305            Testo 330-1 Kit 5 combustion Analyzer (graphic display) with easy heat software, printer and carrying case


PN 0563 3372                Testo 330-2 Kit 1 Commercial/Industrial combustion analyzer (graphic display) with probe, spare filters, power pack and carrying case

PN 400563 3372            Testo 330-2 Kit 2 Commercial/Industrial Combustion analyzer (graphic display) plus NOx sensor upgrade kit

In addition to this amazing offer from Testo, Stromquist & Company is offering an additional 10% off on these items just by ordering these products on our website at This additional 10% discount is only available through the end of October.

There has never been a better time to buy a Testo combustion analyzer so place your order today.

Note this is a dated post to see current Testo offers please click here


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