Boiler control retrofits made easy: Product Review the Honeywell Echo

Need to replace the older M series Fireye controls?  Honeywell has introduced  the Honeywell ECHO retrofit solution for replacing the Fireye TFM and UVM FSG controls. The ECHO (R7210M series) controls are a Smart Fit series of controls which allow the contractor to replace the older Fireye M series controls without the extensive wiring required in the past.

The Honeywell ECHO system is based on the standard Honeywell 7800 series controls and all of the standard 7800 series components will work with this control. With the Honeywell ECHO you can now expand the functions that were limited on the Fireye M Series controls to include displays that improve diagnostics and troubleshooting and including the addition of Modbus to connect the equipment to a building automation system.

How easy is the Honeywell ECHO system to install? Simply remove the old Fireye M series control, attach the Echo’s metal conversion frame, and plug in the ECHO control… Add the required purge timing card (if needed), the flame amplifier , and the Flame detector for UV systems…It’s that easy…

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So when you need to replace an older Fireye M series control give us a call here at Stromquist and Company and listen to the ECHO….


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