It’s not just a job

Being an avid  motorcycle rider, vintage motorcycle restorer, and photographer I am reminded, while on a long trip or during a tough restoration project, how our hobbies and our jobs are so much the same if you do them with the same vigor and dedication. (Yes that’s me in the yellow shirt next to the dark blue BMW.)100_0694blog

Ever notice after a good vacation you often say ” I need a vacation”? Why is it that our hobbies are so much work?

These thoughts ran through my mind when I came off a job site, which I am proud to say Stromquist and Company was associated with. The job was the first commercial installation of the new Honeywell Delphi system that was the featured product for installation. Three days of intense conversations with Honeywell, job project managers, and end users left me at the end of each day completely worn out mentally and physically. The job was hard and taxing, but when the boilers fired off without a hitch and the client was beaming with delight, I was just as satisfied as if  I completed a successful motorcycle trip or finished a restoration.

As wholesalers we at times forget the long time effects of our jobs as we move on to the next project. What we do matters and it matters to a lot of people and it matters to us because it’s not just a job, it’s a continuation of our own sense of being and satisfaction.

My restored 1965 Honda 150 Dream and my 1969 Bridgestone Mach 2 RS (graciously given to me to restore by Stromquist’s own Bob Koch. Thank you so much Bob.)CA95 Built 021blog2009 RIH 146st


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