ASCO Control Panel for Gas Service

The ASCO relay control panels are designed to operate ASCO 120 volt and DC solenoid valves controlling gas flow to school kitchens, domestic cooking classes, metal shops, and laboratories. Many situations now call for a way to lock out gas supplies during closed hours.

Operating the key switch on the 108D10C (DC panel) or the 108D90C (120 AC panel), the control station energizes the relay to open a normally closed ASCO gas solenoid which turns on the gas flow.

Other Features:

*If the control voltage is lost completely or is reduced to approximately 50% of normal value, the relay de-energizes the normally closed valve to shut off gas flow.

*The gas valve will not re-open at restoration of power until an authorized person operates the key switch on the control station. The gas may also be shut off by depressing the normally closed pushbutton switch located on the control station.

*Shallow NEMA 1 flush-mounted enclosure.

*Clearly marked terminals and installation drawing on inside panel cover.

*Optional auxiliary pushbuttons 173A19 and 173A20 may be located at various accessible locations throughout the building.

*Explosion proof gas valves from ½” to 2” available.

If you are a Stromquist customer located in Georgia or Florida  and you need help sizing or ordering an ASCO Gas Control Panel you can contact Stromquist and Company at or call us at               1-800-241-9471         1-800-241-9471. All others can order this product from one of our affiliates at CGNA.


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