“It’s Creeping”

I was talking to a client today on the phone and he said “My PF (Pietro Fioentini) gas regulator is CREEPING!”. No this has nothing to do with the Halloween concept of CREEPY.

In this instance creep is when the boiler shut down, the gas pressure from the inlet side of the regulator continued to bleed (creep) past to the outlet side of the regulator and the lock up feature of the gas regulator was being bypassed increasing the down stream pressure in the gas line.

The lockup feature of this regulator when working correctly will close off the regulator if the set outlet pressure (as determined by the outlet spring) is surpassed.

To keep this from happening and to avoid product returns first try these two in the field fixes.

#1. When installing a new regulator especially new piped installations the use of an inlet strainer or a gas filter will trap any GARBAGE in the line that may cause the seat of the regulator to get hung up not allowing the regulator to close off correctly.  Look through the inlet side of the regulator for any trash in the regulator and clean it out.

#2. Open the cap to the outlet adjusting spring and re-seat the spring. If the spring is not seated properly the regulator lock up feature will not work properly.

Easy fixes to a REAL problem. Call your Stromquist Representative for ALL your gas regulator needs.


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