Meet Ronald Ro – He will change the way you look at Sensors: Get Awair!

We met Ronald Ro at the Realcomm/IBcon launch pad. And we are very glad we did! As you can see in the video, Ronald and his team at Awair, have re-imagined air sensors and created a sensor that tracks invisible fine dust and chemicals in air and gives a personalized recommendation to help occupants stay safe and healthy. Think this will play in the $300 part of the 3-30-300 metric?

Behind every great product is a great story. When Ronald Ro had his first child, he, like many other parents, found out that his baby was suffering from eczema. After many frustrating months of research and trying a seemingly endless number of strategies, he realized that his baby girl’s suffering was closely linked to the quality of the air around her. What he also realized was that there weren’t any products available that could help him understand what was in her air and how he could make her more comfortable.

Using his engineering background, Ron decided to build a device that could track chemicals and toxins in the air. He connected with his close friend and co-founder, Kevin Cho, and they built the first Awair… for his daughter.

It is products like these that ring the bell, on what Ken Sinclair calls the “humanization of buildings.” So, when you hear Ken on ControlTalk NOW talking about esoteric concepts like the need for a symbiotic relationship between the building and it’s occupants, Awair, is a tangible example of how this could show up in your day-to-day smart building controls world.


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