Bacharach HGM-MZ Multizone Gas Monitor Pt 1

Check out this training video on the Bacharach HGM-MZ multi-zone gas leak monitor. The Bacharach HGM-MZ continuously monitors refrigerant gases. The Bacharach HGM-MZ is available

in 4,8,12, and 16 zone models. The Bacharach HGM-MZ is able to communicate seamlessly with building automation systems through Lon or BacNet and for our Johnson Controls Metasys users the HGM-MZ can communicate via N2.

Our team really likes that fact that the Bacharach sensor never needs to be calibrated and the HGM-MZ has a industry leading sampling distance of up to 1200 feet.

The Bacharach HGM-Mz is ideal for monitoring of chillers, grocery stores, physical plants, walk in freezers, and for anyone who needs to be in compliance with the gas monitoring requirements of ASRAE 15.

If you are in Georgia or Florida one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company can help you with your Bacharach HGM-MZ gas monitoring questions. For others one of our able affiliates at Controls Group North America can assist with your Bacharach and refrigerant monitoring questions.

Tell us about your experiences with gas monitoring systems like the Bacharach HGM-MZ. Who makes the best gas monitoring system? What makes it so good? Best comment wins a Terralux Flashlight


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