GC Valves TECH TIP: Sensible Precautions for Solenoid Valve Users (Part 2 of 2)

CS_GCV2ELECTRICAL & CONTROL DESIGN STRATEGIES: Solenoid valves can be economical solutions to flow control requirements. And they are easy to maintain. But any electro-mechanical device has limitations.

Here are a few choices that might add to your comfort level when applying solenoid valves:

1 — specify DIN coils and connectors to simplify assembly and reduce installation time
2 — investigate the use of rectified coils if “ac hum” is a concern, especially in residential installations
3 — consider DIN electrical connectors with integral surge suppression to protect control electronics
4 — use lighted DIN connectors to simplify troubleshooting
5 — evaluate magnetic latching coils for battery operation or when heat generated by the solenoid valve coil is a concern.

Click here to see Part 1.

And be sure to ask your distributor or regional manager about the availability of manual override if valve operation is required when power is interrupted.

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