Looking for a Lower Cost Thermostat that Works?

If you are looking for lower cost, reliable thermostat options PSG Controls has a line of thermostats that should fit your needs.
I caught up with Terry McFadden, the president of PSG controls, at the 2011 CGNA Vendor showcase and was

impressed with what Terry showed me. PSG is a US based manufacturer of thermostats for residential and light commercial applications. PSG offers a low cost upgrade for mercury bulb thermostats ( according to Terry millions have still not upgraded their mercury bulb thermostats).

The PSG Accustat is well know in the HVAC industry. The Accustat is the thermostat that has the snap in set point sensors which prohibits anyone from tampering with the set point because there is not a set point. The new generation of Accustat thermostats is called the Independence Series.

PSG is also know for their line of fan coil thermostats and Terry told me that the Freedom series of thermostats is doing very well in the HVAC market place.

Although, PSG has been around for years, I have never sold one so I call on the Controltrends community to weigh in and give me the scoop on PSG. Please tell me your experience with PSG in comments.


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