See The New Nest Programmable Thermostat Installation in Atlanta

In part one of my two part interview with Moncrief’s Phil Mutz, we discuss programmable thermostats. To the best of my knowledge, Phil is the first person in Atlanta to install the new NEST Programmable Thermostat.

I was blown away by the new NEST thermostat. With the exception of one possible flaw, which is easily corrected ( call me Tony Fadell ), the Nest is one of the coolest, most innovative products to ever hit the HVAC market.

Phil was kind enough to let me video his installation and share his considerable knowledge about programmable thermostats, the Nest thermostat, and saving energy.

Moncrief Heating and Air has been providing Atlanta with quality HVAC solutions since before I was born. Controltrends gives Moncrief Air a “two thumbs up” rating as a trusted and reliable HVAC contractor resource.

Thanks again to Phil ( Twitter @MoncriefAir) and his team for sharing the Nest programmable thermostat. Stay tuned to part two of my interview with Phil. Topics include alternative energy sources for the home owner such as solar and geothermal.

Do you have a Nest thermostat on your wall? Have you installed a Nest thermostat? If so share with our worldwide control trends community. Send me a picture ( of your Nest thermostat to post on the Stromquist & Company Facebook page.


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  1. Nice video. However, there are other Nest installs in Atlanta. Mine was installed the first week of December in our remodeled Buckhead basement.

  2. Michael, thanks for the heads up on other Nest installs in Atlanta. Would you be willing to send me a photo of your Nest thermostat? I am starting a Nest thermostat install photo gallery on the Stromquist & Company Facebook page and would love to add yours and anyone else you know that has a Nest thermostat installed.
    Also, where did you get your Nest thermostat ? Did you install it yourself ? How has the thermostat worked for you? Anything you are willing to share with the community is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Michael.

  3. A few photos are on the way. We purchased the device off Best Buy’s website, after hearing about it on twitter and reading the Wired article.

    The arrival of the Nest was timed perfectly. We were having the basement built out and are about finished. The HVAC guys were on-site putting the finishing touches on their equipment, including the installation of the thermostat.

    When I walked in with the Nest they were somewhat dubious, never having encountered one before. Minutes later they were all huddled around the device with a few “oohs and aahs”. They had it installed and tested inside of ten minutes, convinced they had performed the first real-life installation in Atlanta.

    We’ve been thrilled with the device — especially the ability to read (e.g. humidity) and control from my iMac in the home office.) We only purchased one, and will likely purchase another pair for the other floors of our home.

  4. My son told me about the NEST thermostat. This was highly unusual since he writes and directs movies (Dodgeball)and little or nothing mechanical. He is part of the line waiting to have The Next in his home.

    Social media is what enrolled him. This is part of a new “method” to market products as long as they add enough unique value to the customer.

  5. This rivals the Honeywell Prestige HD YTHX9321R5012, even when the base model the Honeywell YTHX9321R1000 came out it was in the $300’s and the HD can still be found for up to $700.
    simplicity at it’s best.
    Functionality ??? for the geeks like us the Honeywell Prestige was cool but Don’t install it at your grand parents for Christmas or they’ll be calling you 4 times a day where as the Nest… as your guy said with the late nite infomercial catch phrase “set it and forget it” now your wife, kids, and grand ma handles this unit’s basic functionality with ease, way to go guys!

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