Variable Frequency Drives and Harmonics what you need to know

Variable Frequency Drives have been around the HVAC industry for a while and have proven to be a very effective way of reducing energy by controlling pump and fan speeds.
One possible unintended consequence of installing variable frequency drives is the effect of harmonics. As you can see

in this video excerpt from a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive certification training class at Stromquist and Company the design of the Honeywell VFD addresses the harmonic issue.
I can attest to how well the Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive works. We approached a large user of variable frequency drives that was having to replace several drives a week due to the drives they were using inability to cope with the tuff electrical environment and the harmonics being created. Two very large and well known variable frequency drive manufacturers were unable to solve the problem so that their Variable Frequency Drives could perform in this environment.
When we offered the customer the Honeywell Variable Frequency drive solution they were dubious. However, due to how easy the Honeywell Drives were to setup and commission they agreed to give Honeywell a shot.
The Honeywell Drives have performed better than all other drives the customer has tried. In that most of the other VFD’s failed after two weeks with the average best case VFD life being six months and the Honeywell variable frequency drives still working after a year the customer is thrilled.
Harmonics and difficult environments can be tricky for variable frequency drives so hats off to Honeywell for their great Variable frequency drive design.
For more information on Honeywell Variable Frequency Drives contact the control pros at Stromquist & Company if you are in Georgia or Florida. For our viewers in other areas one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can help with your Honeywell VFD needs.


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