Mike Marston and Easy IO’s Beast from the East — A Paradigm Game Changer

the Beast from the EastControlTrends Awards thanks Easy IO for their Platinum Sponsorship for the 2013 CTA Awards Show to be held at the BB King Blues Café in NYC, January 21, 2014. The EasyIO 30P-SF was the 2012 Building Automation Controller of the Year. Knowing Mike Marston’s passion for success and EasyIO’s commitment to excellence, the ControlTrends Community will see much more of EasyIO in this year’s competitions.

Excerpt from Mike Marston’s ControlTrends 2012 interview: “We have been developing 32-bit Ethernet based open HVAC Controllers and solutions for over 12 years, and we are recognized as leaders in our field, with robust annual growth and leading edge innovation. With over 50,000 EasyIO Sedona Controllers deployed worldwide, we have emerged as a world leader in Open Building Automation integration solutions and manufacturer of Ethernet based, DDC Controllers. Our Controllers are tested, certified and accredited via CE, UL and FCC.

With our latest EASYIO 32-bit SEDONA range of DDC products, you can easily integrate your Niagara solutions from top to bottom, without additional programming tools, saving you time and money in training.Easy I/O

With the EASYIO range of IP DDC Sedona Controller now available and selling in worldwide, 2013 and beyond is poised to witness a paradigm shift in the Building Management System, DDC and M2M markets with the launch of the FG ‘Beast’ series embracing Sedona open code and the world’s first Dual Processor DDC/Area Controller mixed device.

Our 5 core values are Trust, Quality, People Development, Solid Business Ethics and Leading Edge Innovation.”


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  1. Hi all,
    The easy io controller very good ,suggest you contact the likes of spartans controls ,based in England Middlesex to help them to support the easy sell because speaking as an engineer ,I would like to see the easy io controller continue to smash the controls architecture and to continue to compete with trend controls and johnsons .Clearly the easy io is not trying to be a jace because it is very much cheaper and better and finally you are very right to say that this controls is very unique .i am looking to start selling the easy to most ME contractors in the uk .would like to know whether are not Eric stormquist is coming to the UK because we need an engineer like him to boost awareness .did you know you that you make more money in hvac then in the arms race think about it .speak to you soon easy io .

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