EasyIO Global Event — Sponsors and Speakers Welcome. Belimo Goes Gold!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.09.28 PM EasyIO’s first global partner event in Madrid, Spain was a gathering of EasyIO success stories from around the world. The deep networking between manufacturers and vendors, specifying engineers, 3rd party solution providers, systems integrators, and a rather new entity to the scene — solution entrepreneurs with accomplished technical skills and the dashboard/analytic/graphic tools to meet every application, large and small, was a unique integration meld. Everyone present was an experienced guru in some field, and represented a company well-primed and ready to deploy to the next market opportunity. The competition in the EC market in Europe is quite different to the regional and territorial markets of North America.

Don’t miss this year’s premier EasyIO World Conference, in Paris 20-22 Sept 2015, which promises to be even better. Please put these dates on your calendars:
* Sunday September 20th Sept: Evening Cocktail Party and snacks at the Paris Hard Rock Café.
* Monday September 21st: Conference, with lunch at Eifel Tower and the Lido for Dinner and Show.
* Tuesday September 22nd: Organized group sightseeing tour and competition, with prizes.
Conference Package fee and complete details to follow in June. Register now for early bird prices at

BelimoBelimo announces its Gold Sponsorship for the EasyIO Global Event!

Belimo is a listed technology company with a staff of close to 1400 worldwide. Belimo has developed, manufactured, and distributed electric actuators for air dampers and valve technology for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems since 1975. With thier comprehensive range of products, Belimo has become world leaders in this specific market.

EasyIO is seeking additional Sponsors and Speakers for this global event. Any manufacturer, vendor, or solution provider interested in networking with the top integrators from around the globe, contact Mike Marston at for more information.


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