EasyIO Brings Smart Building Control to the World: Partner Event HighLights

Easy 3EasyIO’s first global partner event was a gathering of EasyIO success stories from around the world. The deep networking between manufacturers and vendors, specifying engineers, 3rd party solution providers, systems integrators, and a rather new entity to the scene — solution entrepreneurs with accomplished technical skills and the dashboard/analytic/graphic tools to meet every application, large and small, was a unique integration meld. Everyone present was an experienced guru in some field, and represented a company well-primed and ready for travel to the next round of market opportunities, where ever they may arise. A sort of, have EasyIO, will travel.

Easy IO’s FG-32+ and BMS in a Box, a European residential application (!), and Belimo’s engineering innovations in VAV control and their controller-in-an-actuator technology, will make immediate market impact in Europe and Asia, and once they officially let their “MP-Bus Genie” out of its bottle (because it’s already embedded in every installed actuator) they are going to make major impacts in the North and South American markets as well. Watch out!

ControlTrends gives special thanks to Anja Nilsen, from Bergen, Norway, for helping out with the photography and videography!

Presentation Highlights:

realmadridGuido van Erp: Welcome and review of Agenda. Anyone who has coordinated a world-wide meeting on this scope can appreciate the prodigious preparations and successful delivery of dinners and golfing. The VIP executive business center inside of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Real Madrid’s Soccer Stadium, was enough, but the tour of the locker room, walking the pitch, and sitting on the players’ bench, and the lighter than air portrayal of Real Madrid’s prolific history was absolutely amazing. The crescendo Flamingo guitarist banquet was truly a befitting finale!

Easy IO’s Mike Marston: The most advanced open controller to date, the FG-32+ Mega Beast product launch is around the 4th quarter’s bend, and EasyIO’s new VAV initiatives with Belimo are prefaced with “shock and awe” warnings, because the next version of the FG-32+ with its Belimo driver will be able to discover all the Belimo DCA’s on your MP Bus network. You heard that right.

Easy IO’s Lim Hoon Chiat: Speaking as one of the industry’s most accomplished masters of technology (patents), EasyIO’s product road map opens the Linux side up for ambitious integrators, and there will be more memory, 3X faster processor speeds, and more drivers will be added to the existing tool sets. (C’mon… give everybody else a chance to catch up.)

Johan Schakenraad : CEO at EasyIO, Europe B.V: The Residential is the World’s first real BMS in a Box and Easy IO’s fast-track success in Europe — 103 partners in three years, has not been left to chance. Johan Schakenraad’s vast industry experience has traversed and converted many of the well-worn BMS integration paths with EasyIO and with his enormously talented team, Johan is looking anxiously across the waters.

Pedro Jorge, CTO at EasyIO Europe: EnOcean technology adds another fully developed technology to the EasyIO product offering. EnOcean opens up not only the Residential market, but the hospitality suite market as well. The days of intrusive installations are almost over — and the reductions to both the installation and operational costs are two of the most critical price drivers in an increasingly competitive market.

Barry Light, Fire and Ice, LLC: Special presentation on the EasyIO’s “Barry-App” for AON. The EasyIO FG-32 controller gave Barry, one of the leading experts on AON integration, HTML5, unceasing support through the critical path development phase, the additional memory and speed features he wanted, while eliminating the license issue and delayed support.

Sponsor Presentations:

telefonicaEmilio Martínez de la Fuente, Head of Smart Metering at Telefónica, the number one Spanish multinational corporation. Overview of Telefónica’s own green initiatives, and the massive project undertakings in Germany, Brazil, and especially the UK, where Telefónica was awarded the project that will smart meter 2/3’s of the homes in the UK.

BelimoBelimo’s Chris Jones and Tom Daenzer: First order of business was the opening of Belimo’s new 200,000 square feet production facility in Danbury, CT, facility, and the significance of the MP Bus story, that presents the realization — that every one of your Belimo DCA’s and Energy valves (which ALREADY have MP Bus embedded communications in them), means that when the integration moment is right, you’ll be able to add them to your network, using EasyIO’s FG-32+. As Belimo continues its partnerships, especially with EasyIO, it will continue to change the world of VAV’s and the best way to integrate buildings — conceptually, and one day, may include residential market.

innonRadu Petrescu, Innon: Engineering and Intellectual Elegance at its Finest. Innon provides “Analytics that engage with your business.” Innon helps your business seamlessly integrate data from different sources by providing the analytics tools to help you take the right actions, whether related to contractual obligations, or to simply improve internal efficiency.

Fidelix Reino Ederveen, (aka: the man with many degrees) Fidelix. Fidelix is a rapidly growing building automation and security systems developer. Fidelix, Finland has more than 95 employees, and has sales exceeding 14 million Euro (2013). Fidelix’s main office is located in Vantaa, Varisto and has regional offices in Turku, Tampere, Vaasa, Kokkola, Kuopio, Lahti, Jyväskylä and Oulu. Fidelex’s advanced technology and service concepts are based on transparency (open protocols), and significant portion of their products are for export. Fidelix is actively developing products and services to meet the current challenges in the construction industry and to provide innovative products and services.

openBCMSChris Schneider, Open BMCS: Chris Schneider is a software engineer by degree, and a building integrations expert by trade. Open BMCS merges multiple technologies into an end-user first version of the typical one-size-fits-all integrations. Open BMCS is an open user interface system that provides all the features that systems integrators expect, with the additional value that end-users get what they want, instead of “this is what we sell.”


Unfortunately, there are so many people that we are missing, but the ControlTrends has many new friends from around the world from Norway to South Africa, from Wisconsin to Mombai, and we are grateful for the opportunity to meet and listen to your important messages. Special thanks to H.W.Yu, Bryon Harp, Runar Solli, and Vinayak Sane, Elmark Environ, Bhartesh Jamdade, GMP Technical and the distinguished group of engineers from India. For those that we missed, please contact us ASAP, so we can add you to this post!

We filled up all of our memory cards at the event, so stay tuned for many more highlight videos from EasyIO’s Event that Brings Smart Building Control to the World!


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