Johnson Controls Reaches Out To Their Valued ABCS Channel Contractors, ABCS Distributors, Points Plus Contractors and ARW Distributors

Johnson Controls is happy to announce uLearn, an interactive web platform where employees, distributors and partners can view instructional videos, is up and running. The uLearn site, which promises to be a one-stop shop for how-to and other instructional videos, officially went live earlier this year. Each video is typically between three and five minutes in length and is intended to be used in conjunction with training and other educational tools provided by Johnson Controls. LEARN MORE

Facility Explorer® Brand Awareness Campaign Continues through October

In early August, we announced the launch of a new digital ad campaign to build awareness for the Facility Explorer® building automation system. Running through October 2017, the campaign 1) builds awareness of and interest in Facility Explorer, and 2) drives customers to reach out to their representative for more information. LEARN MORE

Points Plus Contractor Program Updates to website resulted in accessibility issues

Recently, we updated several features within the Points Plus Rewards website which resulted in a change to the URL. Our vendor assured us that all of our customers would be re-directed (seamlessly), but we have found this is not the case for some of you. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and continue reading for details on how to access the new site. LEARN MORE

HVAC Navigator® Tips & Tricks Your one stop shop for product and industry expertise

HVAC Navigator is an internet site, which via single sign-on, enables you to access all the products and brands you buy from Johnson Controls. Within Navigator are Selection, Offering and other tools that will help you throughout the lifecycle of a product. Here’s a few tips on how you can fully utilize the capabilities of the Navigator customer portal. LEARN MORE

Introducing Verasys™ 2.0 Controls Systems for Light Commercial and Mid-Market Applications

The Verasys™ controls system enables business growth through bundled equipment and controls solutions using the brands you know and trust. We are thrilled to share this new offering with you to help you take your business to the next level.

Verasys is part of the Johnson Controls® SMART Systems delivery that includes new smart configurable controls and a bundled solution with HVAC/R Equipment. Verasys 2.0 is a Plug & Play solution that combines the power of our latest SMART equipment technology with our HVAC/R equipment. Simple configurable controllers that can be bundled with equipment from the factory or installed in the field are benefits associated with the new offerings. Verasys allows you to configure a vast array of controls applications for HVAC/R without the use of special programming tools or control engineering, whether for one building or an entire enterprise. LEARN MORE

Are you in-the-know? Johnson Controls is the place to go!

Stay informed about the latest and greatest developments in the Building Technologies industry. Look to Johnson Controls as your source for:

* Upcoming and recent webcasts: Hear from experts from across the industry as they present on the newest tools and technology.
* Top Talks Library: Watch experts from the Johnson Controls family of brands give presentations on topics ranging from getting the most from your BAS to encouraging woman in the HVAC industry.
* Industry Events: Learn more about various trade shows, meeting and events taking place in the industry.



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