Mounting a Siemens SSA Valve Actuator to a 599 Series Zone Valve Body

SiemensThis short video shows you the tools you will need and steps to take to correctly mount a Siemens SSA Valve Actuator to a 599 Series Zone Valve Body: 599 Series Valve Body, SSA Electronic Zone Valve Actuator, Small Flat Blade Screwdriver, and a 3 mm Hex Wrench.

599 SSA Valve Actuator Features and benefits include:

* Plastic housing
* Locking-proof, maintenance-free gear train
* Manual override with hexagonal socket wrench 3 mm
* Reduced power consumption in the holding positions
* Load-dependent switch-off in the event of overload and in stroke end positions
* Parallel operation of 6 SSA31.., 24 SSA81.. and 10 SSA61..possible, provided the controllers’ output is sufficient
* Terminal block connectors for customer made cables available (only for use with AC 24 V and AC / DC 24 V
* Connecting cables with AC 24 V and AC 230 V connectors cannot be mixed up
* Halogen-free cables available


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  1. At our school district we purchased 2 of the 599series actuators. Having trouble mounting the new actuators onto the valve body. It seems the depth of the old actuator is deeper than the new and I cannot hand tighten the new onto the old valve body. Any idea?

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