VYKON Announces End Of Line of Legacy JACE Platforms 700, 300E, and 600E

vykon_announcementThe performance, flexibility and range of accessory options offered by the JACE® 8000 surpasses that of the legacy JACE platforms, and components of the legacy platforms are becoming obsolete. With the introduction of Niagara AX version 3.8u1 featuring JACE 8000 support, VYKON‘s next-generation hardware platform that’s optimized for Niagara 4 now optimizes the features of Niagara AX.

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VYKON will begin the End of Life (EOL) process for the legacy JACE 700 platform over the coming months. Following the JACE 700 EOL, the EOL for the 300E and 600E will begin.

Please note these Last Time Buy (LTB) dates, subject to product availability:

JACE 700 – January 2, 2017

JACE 300E – July 1, 2018

JACE 600E – July 1, 2018

More information on VYKON’s EOL policy can be found on your price list.

Ordering information:

Part number Description Start of EOL LTB Replacement recommendation

J-300E JACE 3E Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8005/J-8010/J-8025

J-3E-SBS JACE 3E Small Building System 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8005

JEC-334 JACE Equipment Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8005 + IO-16-485

J-3XXE-AX-KIT JACE 3E Demo Kit 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8000-DEMO

J-600E JACE 6E Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025 / J8100

J-600E-A JACE 6E Controller USA 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025 / J8100

J-603 JACE 603 Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025 / J8100 + IO-16-485

J-603I JACE 603I Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025 / J8100 + IO-16-485

RB-603 NPM6E based 403 replacement 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025 / J8100 + IO-16-485

J-603-DEMO JACE-603 Controller Office Demo 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8000-DEMO + IO-16-485

J-645 JACE 645 Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025/J8100+NPB-8000-232 or NPB-8000-2X-485

J-645I JACE 645I Controller 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025/J8100+NPB-8000-232 or NPB-8000-2X-485

RB-645 NPM6E based 545 replacement 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8025/J8100+NPB-8000-232 or NPB-8000-2X-485

J-645-DEMO JACE-645 Controller office demo 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8000-DEMO+NPB-8000-232 or NPB-8000-2X-485

J-6XXE-AX-KIT JACE 6E Controller office demo kit 1/2/2017 7/1/2018 J-8000-DEMO

J-700 JACE 7 Controller 8/1/2016 1/2/2017 J-8200

J-7XX-AX-KIT JACE 700 Controller office demo kit 8/1/2016 1/2/2017 J-8000-DEMO

We will continue to support these products according to Tridium’s Maintenance Policy.

Reference documents:

Maintenance Policy – lists the end of support periods for the various builds of the Niagara Framework®

Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions – recommended for inclusion in any service contract

Please refer to the current price list when purchasing any of these products before LTB. Be sure to contact us if you have questions.

Thank you for your continued partnership in helping customers optimize Niagara.


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