ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for Week Ending January 3, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending January 3, 2016 welcomes the ControlTrends Community into 2016! Featuring an insightful interview with Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair and product information with Dwyer Instruments’ EWDP wireless differential pressure switch and Honeywell’s Smart Solution WEBs-AX Smart with N4. Therese Sullivan wraps things up with her interview with CONNEXX’s Anno Shelton — six ways to Smart Building Adoption. Happy New Year once again, and if you have any questions about the 2015 ControlTrends Awards, please email us at

Ken_Sinclair_PhotoControlTalk NOW interview with Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings January, 2016 Release: “Our Role in the Transformation.” In Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings January, 2016 Release: “Our Role in the Transformation,” we are reminded of the instrumental roles we each will play as stewards in this industry grown gray. Creating viable and working endowments of industry knowledge, is not just necessary to transition successfully with the avalanche of technology being introduced, but critical to HVAC and BAS future generations — finding and holding their participation rights in the IoT world to come.

DWYER_EWDP74Dwyer’s Series EWDP Wireless Communications Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch. The Dwyer Instruments SERIES EWDP Wireless Communication Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch uses EnOcean® wireless technology to monitor pressure, vacuum, and differential pressures. The dual scaled adjustment knob in inches of water column and pascals allows changes to the pressure set point to be made without a pressure gage. The battery-powered switch is equipped with radio module for frequencies of 902 MHz or 868 MHz.

Honeywell-WEBs-AXSmart Solutions for Intelligent Buildings — WEBs-AX from Honeywell. Smart Solutions for Intelligent Buildings — WEBs-AX from Honeywell is an open system building automation platform that allows you to connect all of your building’s systems rather than operate them independently – maximizing energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and giving you centralized control. Your Building, Only Smarter.

Therese.001Therese Sullivan Interviews CONNEXX Energy’s Anno Shelton: 6 New Routes to Market for Smart Building Technology. ix New Routes to Market for Smart Building Technology (by therese554). Anno Scholten, President of Connexx Energy, has had a very busy year extending his company’s ‘last mile’ energy solutions for Smart Grid and Smart Buildings. But, I caught up with him during the waning days of 2015 and asked him the existential questions on the minds of many in the industry. “You may feel that you keep hitting a brick wall trying to convince some customers to adopt data analytics strategies for better building performance. But, ‘take heart,’ the route to Smart Building success may be just around the next turn.”

2016Happy New Years to the World-Wide ControlTrends Community! Afrikaans,Gelukkige Nuwejaar, gha-likkikga-neeva-yaarr, Albanian Gëzuar Vitin e Ri, gu-zoo-ar vi-tin e ri, Arabic, سنة سعيدة, sana sa’eedah, Azerbaijani Yeni iliniz mübarək ye-ni i-li-niz myu-ba-rack, Bahasa, melayu Selamat tahun baru selamat tahun aru, Basque, Urte berri on err-te berr-rri on, Bosnian, sretna nova godina, sr-et-na no-va go-din-a, Bulgarian, Щастлива Нова година, sh-tast-liva No-va go-din-a, Catalan, Feliç any nou, fe-LEES A-nee n-Ou, Cebuano (Philippines), Mabungahong Bag-ong Tuig kaninyong tanan, ma-boon-ga-hong bag-ong too-eeg kan-een-yong tan-an, Czech, šťastný nový rok, SHTU-stnee NO-vee rrr-ok…


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