Episode 345 ControlTalk NOW features 2019 ControlTrends Awards Woman of the Year finalist Dannah Hagerty and Lynxspring’s Marc Petock

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Meet 2019 ControlTrends Woman of the Year finalist Entek's Dannah Hagerty, VP of Sales and Marketing

Meet Dannah Hagerty, VP of Sales and Marketing for Entek, Inc., out of Atlanta, GA. Listen in as Dannah discusses some of the challenges and impediments to success. Dannah demonstrates quite convincingly, why she is a finalist for the 2019 ControlTrends Awards Woman of the Year.

Marc Petock shares some very precious insight into the Prestigious Petock Award, an annual award given out in his honor. Great industry discussion.

Marc Petock is a very busy person: Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring; Project Haystack’s Executive Secretary; Contributing Editor to Automated Buildings; and Master of Ceremony at the ControlTrends Awards, and more!

ControlTrends Awards Blast from the Past: Roger Rebennack’s 2012 Video

Time goes by so quickly, and prophetic things happen! In this 2012 ControlTrends Awards Video, we see Roger (then with Honeywell) at Jackson Controls. Roger is now the CEO of Jackson Controls. Roger went on to win the first PID Award in 2012, and is again nominated for several awards in the 2019 ControlTrends Awards. As Roger requests, be sure to vote. Click here to get the ballot. We hope to see you at this year’s awards in Orlando.

GC5’s Product Manager Pawel Szarmanski asks, “Is a Small Size Building Worth a Building Management System?”

Let’s be honest – Building Management Systems (BMS) have not been designed for small buildings. It’s all about the scale! Big sized buildings, of over 50,000 square feet (around 4500 square meters) with potential of huge energy waste are more likely to use BMS then small (under 5,000 square feet) and medium (5,000-50,000 square feet) sized buildings that may utilize the cost of implementation much slower. Expert says 1  that cost of BMS system may vary from $2.5 up to $7.00 and this is data from 2016! Read more!

Connected Buildings are putting Control back into the Hands of CREs, to Drive Operational Efficiency and Maximize ROI

While the potential transformation of our world due to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has justifiably stirred the imagination of technologists and the general public alike, we often take the ubiquitous enabling innovation of our age for granted. Without Connectivity, virtually none of the rapid digitization of our world would be possible. Read more!

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