ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending February 16, 2014

This week’s ControlTalk NOW lead post was HACKED: Not So Good News: Smart Building Industry Experiences Major Technology Challenge! Richard K. Warner, OM|E Facility Solutions, expounds on “the rest of the Target story.” ControlTalk also welcomes Ken Sinclair, editor of, our industry’s Library of Alexandria, and one of the most useful websites available to anybody in the building automation business. Ken talks about the mission of and how it has evolved over the years to accommodate the significant changes within our industry. And, make sure to watch the Therese Sullivan interview, now posted in its entirety.

zipecon1Belimo Zip Economizer, The Good, The Great, and The Incredible: The Good: We are watching the introduction of new and innovative products being released at an incredible rate! The Belimo Zip Economizer promises to deliver economizer savings and application performance on a new level! The Great: The impact of disruptive technology continues to alter the of course of business as usual. There’s going to be more ORANGE than ever — inside the building envelope, and for good reason, because the need for energy savings has never been more important.

HackedHACKED: Not So Good News: Smart Building Industry Experiences Major Technology Challenge! Richard K. Warner, OM|E Facility Solutions, expounds on “the rest of the Target story,” and brings the reality of our present state of affairs into a very sobering and focused perspective. The HVAC industry’s over-used security through obscurity has ended abruptly.

Basic RGBDOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium, Must-Watch LA Lights Video: The DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium shares technical information and experiences related to LED street and area lighting demonstrations and serves as an objective resource for evaluating new products on the market intended for those applications. Cities, power providers, and others who invest in street and area lighting are invited to join the Consortium and share their experiences.

easyio-fg-20EasyIO FG-32 Beast From the East Update: New BACnet IP Client Feature Released: Mike Marston, EasyIO’s VP Worldwide Sales, enthusiastically announced the 2013 ControlTrends Building Automation Controller of the Year, FG-32 is now available with BACnet IP Client! Users will now be able to use a 4GB card for Graphics and Histories, and a 4GB card is plenty! One Graphic is about 200K bytes and a 1 GB will give 10 some million history records.

BitpoolThe Worlds of Big Data, Cloud Services, and Infographics According to Bitpool: A Cloud Data Collection Platform for All: ControlTrends serves as a valuable pivot site for our industry’s trends, whether they’re leading products, solutions, software and products updates and releases, web-meetings, seminars, as well as industry insights — many of them global in origin. This industry insight is from Rav Panchalingam, a self-declared software geek from Australia. Rav uses an interesting hamburger analogy to comment on some of the biggest trends unfolding in 2014: The worlds of big data, cloud services, and infographics, as viewed from the land down under. Rav and Bitpool seem to know where the beef is and how to get it… (and the disruption continues).

Therese.001 Therese Sullivan Talks Smart Buildings, Google, and System Integration: Why did Google really buy Nest? What skills does the controls system integrator of the future look like? Who will win the race to the large space? To answer some of these questions Ken and I tracked down Therese Sullivan, who explores these types of topics on her blog

EasyIO2 Mike Marston and the EasyIO Beast – HTTP Data Histories and CSV files. Some More Show and Tell! Mike Marston, EasyIO’s VP of Worldwide Sales is passionate about his products and offering great solutions for Energy Services and overall Building Management. All done simply, via EasyIO Sedona Objects, and Open Source Tools — it’s truly amazing!

t775 copy Honeywell T775 Quality Alert Bulletin: T775 Quality Alert In this Bulletin: * A limited number of T775s were incorrectly calibrated. The result was incorrect temperature readings on the Sensor A input. * The affected T775 units start with date code 1314.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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