Episode 314 of ControlTalk NOW The Smart Buildings Podcast — The IT Train is Leaving the Station, Do You Have a Ticket to Ride?

ControlTrends Coverage of Controls-Con 2019. Video interviews with Mike Mitchell and Kim Brown and much more on Episode 314 of ControlTalk Now the HVAC and Smart Buildings Controls Video Cast and Podcast!

It was a busy week for the ControlTrends Team! Ken returned from his undisclosed location and mission and immediately hustled up to Detroit to meet me and help cover the first big event of the Spring: Controls Con.

Controls Con, hosted by Cochrane Supply & Engineering,  was a fast-paced, education-packed event that brought together hundreds of integrators and end users from throughout the United States and Canada to explore the latest technologies and possibilities of Building Controls and the Internet of Things (IoT) in commercial and industrial buildings.

And did it ever deliver!

We shot a ton of videos, took  lots of notes, and did our best on this episode of ControlTalk Now to share some of the key take ways from this smart building controls informational waterfall.

Somethings to listen for in this episode:

  * The new tune that IT and OT are dancing to and how you can benefit.

 * The concept of Kaizen and how you can use it to keep from getting overwhelmed with all the new information and changes around Smart Building Controls

*Cybersecurity is not going away, what you need to know now

*why it is more about who you know in this new networked smart buildings community than what you know

and much much more.

And the biggest news of the week happens at the end of the show when we reveal the answer to the question out control trends community has been asking. “Where in the World is Ken Smyers?”

Get your Niagara Updates done! Register for TridiumTalk and CABA Intelligent Bldgs Webinars, May 8th.  2019 Controls-Con Video interviews are awesome!

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