ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast for Week Ending June 5, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending June 5, 2016 provides a full range of HVAC and Building Automation events and information, beginning with the Roger Rebennack Experience, followed by industry updates, and interviews with SysMik’s Patrick McCurdy, BASSG’s Alper Üzmezler, sensorFact’s Matt Horton, ACI’s Mya Holzemer, Belimo Training, KMC Controls training, J2 Innovation’s FIN 4.0, Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings, June edition, EasyIO’s new FW14 and product road map, Brad White’s Trillion Dollar Opportunity, and Eagle Technology’s CMMS solution.

IndyHoneywell’s Roger Rebennack Experience — held over the Memorial Holiday weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway — where over 80 Honeywell customers from all parts of North America joined Roger, Honeywell, and 350,000 racing fans for the spectacular 100th Anniversary Run of the Indy 500. This 3-day extravaganza is unrivaled, mixing the thrill of the greatest race of the year with two concerts, the Indy 500 museum, celebrities, and life-long memories. Contact your Honeywell distributor or representative today and get your engines started for next year’s Roger Rebennack Experience at the incomparable Indy 500. Special thanks to Jackson Controls for their generous assistance in helping to host this fabulous event!

SysmikSysMik — Standing at the Forefront of Technology and Innovation — Delivering Control Products for Infrastructure, Buildings, and Energy. ControlTrends had the opportunity to interview one of the most impressive manufacturers at the 2016 Niagara Summit Vendor Showcase, SysMik GmbH. An established leader of control products for over 25 years, SysMik stands at the forefront of technology and innovation. Based in Germany, SysMik products are carefully designed by their experienced engineering team and manufactured under highest quality standards.

1cal.Free Belimo Training: Sizing and Selecting Control Valves Made Easy. Learn from the Control Pros at Belimo. Danielle Breece, Product Specialist, Sales Tools: SelectPro – Sizing and Selection Made Easy. In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn about the newly enhanced SelectPro version 3.2. SelectPro allows you to quickly and accurately size and select valves, actuators, and replacement solutions. New features for this tool include: updated valve module interface, new quote generator export option & reference documents tab, the ability to save contact profiles and more! Join Danielle on Wednesday, June 8 at 1:00 EDT.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineBreaking News FIN 4.0 is Here! A very cool and powerful version of FIN has hit the streets. Check out FIN 4.0 and see just how the complete BAS/BOS Framework from J2 leverages tagging and data modeling. How it implements responsive web design and a mobile first focus utilizes browser based tools and embracing the HTML5 standard, allowing full application suite functionality across all devices Fin makes it faster, easier, and better than ever before. Click here to find out more.

AlperGet to the Edge with the New Controller from BASSG.he original “Young Gun”, Alper Üzmezler, managing partner and chief innovator at BASSG Graphics, shows us BASSG’s new Edge controller at the 2016 Niagara Summit Product showcase. This powerful little controller packs a big punch. Among other things it includes: Visualytik (HTML5 drag and drop visualization engine with block programming), EAC Engine (Optimization engine in which it will consume live, historical and analytics data and write to real-time controls), Analytics Engine, and a Sedona Realtime control engine.

Ken_Sinclair_PhotoKen Sinclair’s Automated Buildings June Theme — Measured Variables: Health, Wellbeing, & Productivity. Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair’s June theme delivers well-explained reasons why we need to re-zero our IoT aim towards the bigger target area: “There is a “3-30-300” rule of thumb that organizations typically spend approximately $3 per square foot per year for utilities, $30 for rent, and $300 for payroll. While these figures are just archetypes, they are useful in providing an order of magnitude between the three areas of expenditure.” Seems simple enough. The growing contextualization within the space, allows for greater productivity within the space, and our driven effort to emphasize and realize greater energy savings, while not misguided, is only the tip of the value iceberg.

Mad MikeEasyIO’s New FW 14 Controller and Product Road Map! EasyIO — Coming to a Building Near You! The product hits from EasyIO keep coming! Magic Mike Marston (aka, Mad Mike Marston) released this EasyIO product road map featuring the FW14 Controller, with live Wiresheets, BACnet, and P2P over WiFi, to update the ControlTrends Community on what EasyIO has in store for the remainder of 2016. And see below for what’s coming in 2017! Additionally, EasyIO will be releasing these new software features for 2016: Adapter Widgets, Dashboard, Support for Amazon Echo, and Support for Blynk (Android & IPhone).

1cal.KMC Controls Training Class. On June 20-24, 2016 KMC Controls in New Paris, IN will hold a KMC Connect with TotalControl training class. The objective of this 5-day course is to provide instruction on the installation, integration, and operation of KMC Connect™ and TotalControl™ software. KMC Connect will provide configuration and operator workstation options for Building Automation Systems using KMC Conquest hardware (and earlier versions) in a BACnet environment. TotalControl provides an enterprise level connectivity and Internet accessible facility management resource for customers.

Dr EBrad White, SES Consulting’s “The Trillion Dollar Opportunity in Transforming Existing Buildings.” The $3/$30/$300 sq ft rule was the predominant theme in the June, 2016 edition of Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings. Brad White, SES Consulting, offers yet another compelling economic case for directing more of our efforts to the $300 variable in the equation. A 5% improvement in productivity represents a tremendous savings, while making employees more comfortable and our buildings better. Truly, an emerging trend as IoT delivers more relevant contextualization into the Building Renaissance and the Smart, Connected, and Intelligent Building formula.

Free WebaainerTake Control of your Manufacturing Maintenance with Proteus MMX CMMS (Comprehensive Maintenance Management Software) Solution. Proteus MMX is a web-hosted maintenance management software solution which integrates asset management, maintenance management, inventory, labor and purchasing functions for improved scheduling, cost reduction, resource planning and more. This powerful solution has mobile capabilities for users who want to access CMMS software anytime, from any location. SIGN-UP FOR LIVE WEBINAR June 8th @ 10am CT.

sensorFact1sensorFact’s Matt Horton at the 2016 Niagara Summit: Data Acquisition Solutions for Your Building Control Sensors. Making its debut appearance at 2016 Niagara Vendor Product Showcase, sensorFact is a cloud based data acquisition and storage service for sensor data. It allows you to send sensor data from your location, through our pointCollex technology or directly to their pointCollex API, to your account in sensorFact. Once there, you can name, organize, tag, monitor, and choose which sensors whose data you want to store long-term. Further, your sensor data is available for you to share or integrate with other systems.

ACI_MYAACI’s Sales Engineer, Mya Holzemer at the 2016 Niagara Summit Vendor Showcase. Mya Holzemer, Sales Engineer at Automation Components, Inc., reviewed some of ACI’s new contractor-friendly products designed to deliver a better sensor solution that shortens the installation time, as well as eases the effort necessary for installation. New products featured the sensor enclosure with a hinged cover that eliminates the need ofr screws, and the WPR2 wet-wet, differential pressure transmitter, that reduces the amount of copper needed and eliminates the manifold valve assembly. Visit ACI’s product and training videos for more information!


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