Episode 229: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending June 25, 2017

Episode 229: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending June 25, 2017 features an indepth review of our video coverage of the EasyIO’s 2017 Global Partner Event in Manchester, Cochrane Supply’s Controls-Con 2017 in Detroit, and the RealComm|IBcon conference in San Diego. The disruption and new challenges to our BAS industry and HVACR are real and global. Yet, with each potential threat, there is opportunity — and our interviews with Paul Oswald, Brian Turner, Ken Sinclair, and others provide valuable testament and insight to where the trends are likely to take us next. Also added, more video highlights from 2017 RealComm|IBcon, a Room Controller Q & A from Schneider Electric; Tridium Update Release of Niagara 4.3; Lynxspring’s Intro to Data Modeling and Haystack Tagging; and three posts from our new “Making HVACR More Interesting Series.”

Catching Up with CBRE/ESI’s Paul Oswald at RealComm|IBcon. Thanks to the team at RealComm|IBcon for letting us fill in on Conference Live. In this video we had the chance to catch up with one of our favorite people CBRE/ESI’s Paul Oswald. We love talking to Paul because of his experience as one of the premier master systems integrators in Smart Building controls.

Room Controllers, How Much Do You Know? Take the Schneider Electric Q & A. What exactly is a “Room Controller?” It’s fully configurable and application specific Terminal Unit Controller. It has built in space temperature with an option for remote temperature sensing. In addition, it can be configured with on board humidity and occupancy (PIR) sensing or those sensors can be external to the controller.

Tridium Update: Release of Niagara 4.3 Ushers in Significant Innovations! Dear valued VYKON Partner, Tridium has released the third version of Niagara 4. Niagara 4.3 introduces enhancements that make it easier to manage and deploy templates, along with several other new features. Most notable about this release are the significant innovations built on Niagara 4.3, including: Backup as a Service (BaaS), our first Niagara Cloud offering launching in mid-July; VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.0u2, with analytic chart enhancements and key defect fixes; Support for JACE® 8000 IO R in both a 16 and 34 point module; and JACE 8000 expansion module Hardware Development Kit (HDK), new for developers.

Introduction to Data Modeling, Haystack Tagging and the Benefits. 30 Minutes with Lynxspring Webinar Series. There is no question that data is impacting the building automation, energy management, and smart buildings markets. The data produced by equipment, systems, and smart devices now has more potential value than the devices themselves. However, with all the data now available at our fingertips, it turns out that it’s one thing to have access to data; it’s another to make it useful and actionable.

Ken and Eric, the ControlTrends Guys, Interviewed on RealComm Live at 2017 RealComm|IBcon. Ken and I, the ControlTrends Guys, normally the interviewers, had the table turned on us — as we became the interviewees, at the 2017 RealComm|IBcon in San Diego. Jerry asked us some challenging questions that allowed us the opportunity to highlight the ControlTrends Community, review the hot button trends in our industry and how they relate to the RealComm|IBcom Community, as well as talk about some of the great people, solution providers, MSIs, and vendors leading the way in the Building Automation industry.

Making HVACR More Interesting Series – Comfort in a Flash: Carrier to Join National Apartment Association’s Maintenance Mania® Competition. ControlTrends is committed to promoting our HVAC industry, which according to a 2015 report from the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation, cited there were 220,734 HVACR job postings in 2014 – twice as many as in the oil and gas industry (109,323), making HVACR one of the fastest growing industries in North America. We have a fascinating and challenging industry and we must do what we can to attract and inspire more of the young workforce to join the HVACR industry.

Making HVACR More Interesting Series: National Signing Day Comes to the Skilled Trades from the NEWS. ControlTrends’ second post in our Making HVACR More Interesting Series, is from an insightful article written by Nick Kostora, Staff Writer, at the NEWS, who captures the innovative spirit behind one of the most exciting moments in the career of a student becoming a skilled tradesmen, by using media event momentum typically associated with the sports world, to create an equally awesome event for the future HVAC professional, the National Technical Letter of Intent Signing Day.

Making HVACR More Interesting Series: American Boiler Manufacturing Association Awards (ABMA) 2017 Randy Rawson Scholarships. This ControlTrends’s Making HVACR More Interesting Series comes from another great industry organization, the American Boiler Manufacturing Association (ABMA), and annual their Randy Rawson Scholarship Program, which has awarded over $150,000 since its inception. This program is another opportunity to recognize and reward the future stars of our industry.


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